Who we are

Angus Bennett Furniture is an established cabinet and furniture designer & maker based in Gifford, just south of Edinburgh. We use the finest materials to produce exactly the piece of furniture you want for your home or business. Making the most out of this amazing natural, warming material. Carefully choosing unique and unusual items to complement ‘the Soul of the Tree’ while merging with traditional woodworking techniques. Resulting in work that demonstrates a high level of ‘true craftsmanship’ coupled with modernist designs and technologies. Angus Bennett Furniture can produce tactile pieces that delight and surprise, How about a solid wood kitchen crafted to your specification, a lasting asset within your home. Whether you wish for a simple bookcase or one that revolves, Welsh dresser or a dining table and chairs we are always happy to help you.

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About Angus

On leaving school, Angus took an apprenticeship with Robert (Mouseman) Thompson in Kilburn, Yorkshire. Mainly using British Oak he learnt traditional woodworking techniques After two years, Angus travelled to New Zealand where he teamed up with a boatbuilder for the restoration of a 1949 mahogany ketch and the building of a new 17ft coastal rowing skiff. Angus volunteered his skills in Christchurch, devastated by the 2011 earthquake where the royal theatre features some of his beautiful work. With his heart set on a career in fine furniture, and secured a place at the world-renowned Chippendale International School of Furniture where, he studied furniture design, making and restoration and, in particular, the more complex methods and techniques involved in the art of fine true craftsmanship. While at the Chippendale School, Angus discovered a skill and passion for applying modern twists to the traditional designs he was taught with. This fresh approach to fine furniture design – merging traditional woodworking techniques with innovative design. an aspect of furniture design that Angus hopes to be able to frequently incorporate into his work. Angus graduated from the Chippendale International School of Furniture, with an A1 in Furniture Design, Making and Restoration.