Here at Angus Bennett Furniture we take a lot of inspiration from asian arts.

We begin by lovingly sculpting a clay model. Due to the malleability of clay it’s possible for us to play with shapes easily. Enabling us to feel how the piece will sit.

Searching through the woodpile we find a suitable candidate. We transfer any prominent lines from the model to the slab sitting among side before cutting out the basic shape. Once Sculpted the dragon is ready for gilding.

Activating rabbit skin glue on a small burner we gently apply coats carefully following the contours of its spin. Mixing the glue with chalk produces a paste, We painstakingly apply 15 layers along its back. Followed by several coats of a chalk based paste.

Finally we delicately pick up gold leaf with a squirrel-hair brush sticking it to the clay with a rabbit skin glue mixture, once it has ‘settled’, it is polished to a shine.