A secret door in the style of the arts and craft movement. This beautiful bespoke bookcase was commissioned.  By the owner of a large stately home in Scotland.  The solid bookcase swings gently and silently on a hardened steel pin. To reveal rather surprisingly, a small room housing a stunning drinks cabinet of similar design.  Made using quarter-sawn oak revealing the auxiliary rays, the veins of the tree.

Movement of the heavy metamorphic bookcase assisted by a gas piston enables the door to remain fully open, or to gently swing closed unaided.   The amazing design & fitting of the bookcase results in no light being visible when closed. This fine piece of furniture therefore gives the appearance of being simply a beautiful, solid substantial bookcase but is, in fact, a piece that delights and surprises when it opens to reveal its secrets within.

Concept drawings by Gary Staple
  • Copyright : Angus bennett Furniture